D a n c e   S c o t t i s h

C o u n t r y   d a n c e   c l a s s e s
w i t h   q u a l i f i e d   t e a c h e r s
 2019 - TERM 1 commences Monday 25 February   

56 McLean Street Melville

Tuesdays - Melville  -   General Class   8-10pm
Anglican Church of the Holy Cross 56 McLean Street Melville
  Anne Walker     0423 914 232 
Term 1 classes:  Tuesday 26 Feb 2019    to  Tuesday  9 April

Dalkeith Hall

Thursdays - Dalkeith  General Class   8-10pm
Dalkeith Hall 99 Waratah Avenue Dalkeith

 Barbara Boyd        0439 815 590     boydclan@tpg.com.au  
Audrey Emmett  
0423 969 554      emmra@iinet.net.au
Term 1 classes:  Thursday 28 Feb 2019    to Thursday 11 April

Fridays* - Dalkeith  -   Advanced Class 8-10pm

Dalkeith Hall

*ie every 2nd and 4th 
Dalkeith Hall 99 Waratah Avenue Dalkeith
TeachersBarbara , John and Audrey alternating
Barbara Boyd        0439 815 590     boydclan@tpg.com.au
John Brenchley     0419 955 133     jbrenchley@iinet.net.au

(Audrey Emmett     0423 969 554     emmra@iinet.net.au)
Classes resume Friday 8 March 2019; thereafter 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month, and any 5th Friday where there is no Hop the next evening.
Classes throughout the year including dancing in the school holidays