W A  P u b l i c a t i o n s  a n d  D a n c e s
From time to time WA Branch dancers write dances, or are the subject of a dance.  This page collects some of those dances.


 Dance      Devisor  Video
The Darlington Dancer  John Brenchley, 2020  Youtube
 Gold in the West  John Brenchley, 2019  Youtube
 Wyn's Fancy  John Brenchley, 2015  
 Donna's Dancing Shoes     Francis Walduck, 2014  Youtube
 Gypsy Crown  Donna Rynne, 2020 Youtube
 Christine's Fancy  John Brenchley, 2002  Youtube
 High Society  John Brenchley (RSCDS Book 46)  Youtube
 Emmett's Chase   John Brenchley, 2010  Youtube


The Other Kangaroo Paw

Recorded by Marian Anderson and her Scottish Dance Band.  15 tracks.
Includes an insert in the cover that contains instruction for 10 new dances. 
Original tunes by Marian Anderson and Iain Mckenzie.

      DANCE                                                                       TYPE                           TRACK LENGTH

1    Warm Up March - suitable for the Lion Gate 5x32 March               3.17

2    Emmett's Chase                                                       8x32 Jig                      4.50       Music Emmetts' Chase

3    A Special Occasion                                                 3x48 Reel                    2.53

4    Far North Queensland                                           5x32 Strathspey      5.21       Music Far North Queensland

5    May's 100                                                                     8x32 Jig                     4.44       Music May's 100

6    The Anne Archdeacon Reel                                  4x40 Reel                  3.13       Music Anne Archdeacon

7    Audrey & Peter's Jubilee                                      3x48 Strathspey      4.48       Music Audrey & Peter's Jubilee

8    The Torridon Cross                                                 4x48 Jig                      3.44       Music Torridon Cross

9    The Two Gray Cats                                                  4x40 Reel                   6.11       Music Two Grey Cats

10   A Highlander in Glasgow                                    4x32 Strathspey      4.18

11   Christine M Phillips (RSCDS Book 46)              8x32 Jig                      4.54

12   High Society (RSCDS Book 46)                           4x40 Reel                   3.14

13   The Swan & The Tay (SCD for Perth 800)       3x32 Strathspey      3.20

14   Perth Meets Perth (SCD for Perth 800)           4x32 Reel                    2.38

15   Cool Down Waltz                                                   Waltz                            2.58

now available = A$22.00 (plus packaging and postage where applicable)

Available from Bill Head: treasurer@rscdswa.com 08 9274 7318

The Kangaroo Paw

A Collection of Scottish Country Dances devised by John Brenchley
Published by the Western Australia Branch of the RSCDS. 
The CD (with music by Marian Anderson & her Scottish Dance Band) includes an extra track for a three couple encore for 'Anne and Five Partners'.

      DANCE                                                        TYPE                     

1    The Kangaroo Paw                                  8 x 32 Reel             

2    The Open Road                                        4 x 32 Jig               

3    Christine's Fancy                                    3 x 32 Strathspey              

4    Reeling Roy                                              4 x 48 Reel     

5    Torridon Lassies                                     8 x 40 Jig                 

6    The Glengarry Homestead                4 x 32 Strathspey               

7    The Buckinghamshire Lass               4 x 40 Reel   

8    Anne and Five Partners                      5 x 48 Jig      

9    The Avon Valley Strathspey             1 x 80 Strathspey      

10   Lauraine's Delight                              3 x 48 Reel

11   One of a Kind                                        Medley (40R, 40S, 40R)

12   Flowers of the West                            4 x 40 Strathspey   
13   Dancing Girls                                        8 x 32 Jig