D a n c e   S c o t t i s h
 H o p s  
 M o n t h l y   H o p   P r o g r a m m e

97 Waratah Avenue Dalkeith

Hops are held the first Saturday of the month, 7:30-10:30

The December Hop  will be held at John Leckie Pavilion, cnr Melvista Ave and Stone St, Nedlands

Contact:  John Brenchley  0419 955 133  chairman@rscdswa.com

 2020 Hops  

2020Programme MC Minicrib
*5 DecemberProgram MembersMinicrib 
 16 January 2021 - Keep in Touch dance Flyer Donna Rynne, Audrey Saunders, Bill Head Minicrib

* Venue: John Leckie Pavilion Melvista Avenue Nedlands

 2020 - Other Events  

18 December: Thistle Scottish Country Dance Group - Christmas party
Program      Crib

*      Minicrib
*      Hop fees
*      members              $8.00 
*      non-members    $12.00
*      youth                     $5.00  
*      non-dancers       FREE