D a n c e   S c o t t i s h
C e i l i d h   d a n c i n g   c l a s s e s
 C o m e   a n d   c e i l i d h !

Fridays every 1st & 3rd

C e i l i d h   Dancing Classes  -  7:30-9:30pm

97 Waratah Avenue, Dalkeith

Venue: Dalkeith Hall 97 Waratah Avenue Dalkeith
Contact:  Iain MacKenzie 0418 171 734  iain@rscdswa.com
Entry:  $12.00 per person

What to wear?
*      Loose clothing
*      Flat, soft-soled shoes
The dances are easy to learn and there's plenty of "birling" - turning rapidly

PHOTOS   and   VIDEOS   taken at previous ceilidhs

Riverside Reel, North Perth Town Hall  2017

Dashing White Sergeant, North Perth Town  Hall 2017
Apologies - no sound to the 51st State... hum... if you know the music!  2017

PHOTOS   2015 ceilidh Dance Night 

What's the Global 24-Ceilidh?  Link to 2016.